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Sula Valley Winery

Nobles had a special privilege – a right to produce alcoholic beverages. Today, Park of History Sula revives this tradition and produces its signature beverage – Starka Zapolskaya – in accordance with an old recipe. We use the only distilling device made of brass available in Belarus, dating back to the end of XIX century, to produce this beverage. Using the XVI century recipe, Sula craftsmen produce high-quality noble hard liquors from sprouted grains the way it was described in old formulations.

During your tour around the complex, you will have a unique chance to learn how harelka (vodka) was introduced to the Belarusian lands, watch the process of production of the unique beverage, get to know why Starka Zapolskaya has a brown color and try it (provided you’re over 18, of course).

You can also buy this legendary beverage at our restaurant – Pan Starki – as a nice gift for a friend or a business partner.