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Mansion Life

Only a couple of buildings in Park of History Sula remind us now about the mansion life – a mansion museum and a rotunda chapel. Visit us to enjoy their beauty and immerse yourself into the past epoch atmosphere.

While visiting the museum, situated in the renovated mansion house, guests will learn about lives of several generations of rich and noble Lenskie family. Pictures and portraits, old furniture and original documents help to travel through time and solve a number of mysteries of people who used to live here.

The mansion park amplifies the effect – while walking in it, you feel like you’re visiting a different time: century-old trees, purl of water in the fountain, birds singing, all quiet and peaceful – you can even imagine you’re an owner of the whole estate.

The rotunda chapel is under renovation now, so now you can only learn about its history during the tour around the museum. However, soon you’ll be able to see reconstructed Lenskie family vault.

We have collected, piece by piece, the artefacts related to this place. Fascinating tours will take you to the past and show you the gone centuries. We keep history alive for you!