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Vikings' Pier

The Varangians are warriors and builders of the first towns and settlements, who went on to form the first duchies-states. Invasion and trade expansion of the Vikings and descendants from the Northern Baltic shores attracted hell-raising warriors on their battle drakkar boats along the riverbeds into the deep of the territories of Krivichi Slavs and farther to the Black Sea, to the wealthy Greeks. Thus, the famous trade route from the Varangians to the Greeks was formed in the course of millenniums. Deep rivers and their confluents were traditionally inhabited by the Slavs. As a result of expansion, alien warriors settled on our land and were actively assimilating, forming settlements.

You can see an installation of such a settlement right on the shore of affluent Sula River. The ancient settlement has a stockade around it. Inside, there is an exposition of the everyday life, a hut of the Varangians-Slavs, and a veche square in front of the central house of the senior warrior-duke. A trade pier is set up on the shore, with boats moored to it and a full-size Varangian battle drakkar.

Guests of Park of History Sula have a unique chance to participate in an interactive performance or try to stay for a night at the ancient settlement, immerse themselves into the everyday life and customs of our ancestors, try their hands in military arts, taste Varangian bread and honey, and go on a trip on a real drakkar along the route from the Varangians to the Greeks.