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Slavic Cult Site

At our site, you will meet an embodiment of the ancestor of all gods and the start of all starts – Rod, in the form of a stone with a coil of life on it. Beside him, there are wooden figures of the main Old Slavic gods:

  • Patron god of the brave and the strong, thunderer Perun,
  • God of wisdom and knowledge, patron of people Veles,
  • Goddess of hearth and home, patron of family and fertility Tsetsia,
  • Goddess of spring and love, patron of childbirth Lyalya.

There is an installation of worshiping the tree decorated with a rushnyk (a ritual embroidered cloth) on the site. For our ancestors, mighty roots, trunk and branches embodied family and kindred as a whole.

One of the museum’s gems is the Oracle Stone. Up to the mid-XX century, people were coming from across the area to pay their respect to its mysterious power. According to the archeological site passport, in 1953, archeological excavations were performed under this stone, and multiple layers of coal were discovered, which is due to the sacred fire being kept on beside the stone through millenniums. It is known for a fact that our ancestors thought such stones to be shrines of gods, spirits and forebears, as well as patrons and guards, healing those who pray sincerely, blessing and prolonging lives. We’ve collected a lot of stories from grateful people who have once appealed to the stone and got the desired health, protection or a long-awaited child. Just touch the stone and ask it for health and strength, and this ancient fifty-ton giant will surely help you.

There is also an Old Slavic heathen temple here – an area enclosed by stones with a place for the Sacred Fire in the center. Here the guests of our complex can perform a rite of purification by fire during an animated tour.

A site of pre-Christian beliefs, idols, a heathen temple, Slavic rites – immerse yourself into the ancient and mysterious world of our ancestors with Park of History Sula!