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Cromlech - "The Gate of All Stars"

Cromlechs are the most ancient man-made megalithic structures in the history of humankind. Cromlechs are groups of worked or unworked oblong stones (menhirs), placed vertically into the ground with observance of a certain pattern and forming a concentric circle with a dolmen placed inside. These structures usually date back to the Stone Age (3-5 million years ago), or even earlier times, unknown to the humankind.

There are many cromlechs on all continents, which bespeaks the unity of cultures and religious bonds of people who once inhabited our planet.

The purpose of the complex was to constitute ritual protection of the sacred space, so that 'a temple under the starry sky' was formed for spiritual communication and unification with the universe, as well as for religious rites and celestial observations.

The Gate of All Stars cromlech is formed by 12 circumferentially equidistant menhirs (vertical stones) with diametric distance of 12 meters from each other. The circumferential distance between menhirs is 3.14 meters, which corresponds to the Ludolfian number, or the number pi.

The complex is based on the natural number 12 (a dozen) which is bound up with science, culture, religion and history of humankind (12 Zodiac constellations, 12 months, 12 hours, 12 Sumerian, 12 Babylonian and 12 Olympic gods, 12 gods of Odin, 12 parts of Solomon's temple, 12 Apostles, 12 dimensions of m-theory of strings, 12 particles of the standard model of elementary particle physics, duodecimal number system, etc.).

Stones represent the Zodiac constellations, and the flagstone in the center of the circle (dolmen) represents the center of our galaxy and the whole universe. The stones also represent the solar cycle. According to ancient traditions, menhirs are decorated with ancient runes for goodness, justice, mind, health, family, etc., and there are symbols of various ancient religions for the Divine on the exterior.

From the esoteric point of view, a cromlech is a place of concentration of life-giving energy, a portal of transfer to other worlds. Ancient people believed that the place where 'the Earth meets the Sky' heals, rewards the wondering and the afflicted, and protects the kindred and the place.

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