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Belarusian Nobles

Interactive Park-museum of History Sula tells its guests about the life of nobles, too. The Royal Assembly is a place that best reflects the beauty and luxury of their lives. The nobles' hall decoration and reconstruction of their leisure activities give our visitors a chance to feel like they are guests of a distant epoch.

The Royal Assembly at Park of History Sula is a place where visitors feel like they are true nobles and make discoveries, such as:

  • Play a game called 'Charka na Lyaze' ('Shotglass on a Blade')
  • See a real-life saber fight
  • Learn why people used to be afraid of flying hussars
  • Try how handy a saber with a ring is
  • Learn nobles' dances
  • Listen to a reed-pipe and physharmonica

Today, the renewed hall has its stone walls decorated with fascinating pictures and hand-made tapestries, portraits of dukes and famous nobles. There are a functional fireplace and unique forged chandeliers in the high ceiling here. The Royal Assembly at Park of History Sula is one of the favorite places for weddings, office parties and other celebrations.

Visit Park of History Sula to see everything with your own eyes!