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Belarus, a Land of Castles

Today, the medieval section at Park of History Sula includes a weapon smithy, a stone chopping shop and a XII-XIII century watchtower (currently under rehabilitation). Here the visitors can feel the atmosphere of the medieval times.

Sula Smithy

The Sula smithy was reconstructed on the base of the water mill of the Lenskie family. This mill used to be a part of the complex of distillery buildings. Today, a real-life smith works here, willing to demonstrate his works to the guests and visitors of the Park. During an interactive tour, anyone can forge a real arrowhead under our artisan's supervision.

By the way, such a workshop can be more than just a part of a tour – it can be a unique experience during an office party or a family celebration.

Sula Tower

Ruins of the Lenskie family's brewery is yet another sight of our complex. Own alcoholic drinks production was a trademark of the nobles in the past. Today, ruins are all that was left from the Sula brewery, and construction of a small medieval castle on this place is planned. It is known that in XII-XIII century there was a fortified castle on the Sula River shore not far from here, so construction of such a castle makes sense.

Nowadays, visitors of Park of History Sulacan contribute to the construction of the castle by splitting a stone for it. An artisan demonstrates how it’s done, and visitors follow their instructions. Split the stone and remember it, so you could find it in a wall during your next visit.

Belarus, a land of castles – a new, but at the same time old and forgotten slogan, reflecting the essence of the medieval history.