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Viking's House

Who are the Varangians? They are Scandinavian warriors. They were also called Vikings or Normans. Your imagination will draw an image of a huge horrible man almost 2 meters tall, dressed in animal skin carrying a huge round shield, a huge ax and with a helmet on his head. It is a true image indeed.

The 9th century marked the appearance of the trade route from the Varangians to the Greeks which connected Scandinavia and Constantinople. Ordinary people, merchants and sellers used this route for trade while Vikings attacked their ships to plunder themand make profit from the goods there.

The Sula River, the banks of which we stand on now, is the Neman tributary and it is possible that in the 9th century, it was much wider, deeper and more affluent. Therefore, knowing the geographical location of our country, this could be the river sailed upon in their drakkars by the Varangians.

In the 12-13 centuries, Russian knyazi hired the Varangians to be their soldiers. They took part both in internecine feuds, and in raids on other cities and nations. So, by the end of the 13th century trade relations between the two countries extended, the Varangians adopted the Slavic culture, different name and started to use the water route for trade purposes.

Here you can have a deeper insight into the world of the Vikings, if you book a room and live for some time on this pier.

Price: 1 000 BYR

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Check-in time is 14:00 h, Check-out time is 12:00 h

The breakfast is included into the room charge.

Rooms & Prices
Room category Price
Viking's House $ 350

Accommodation services: +375 (33) 644-54-51, +375 (44) 544-54-51

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