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10,000 Years of Belarusian History

All-round animation tour '10,000 Years of Belarusian History'

Interactive history park-museum Sula offers you:

Ceremonial reception with musicians and cavalry escort

Fascinating interactive two-hour immersion into the history of Belarus

Versions of antediluvian development on the territory of Belarus

Mysteries and messages of megalithic structures

Old Slavic heathenism: beliefs and cults, gods, rites, customs and heathen magic. Participation in the rite of purification by fire

Getting to know the famous route from the Varangians to the Greeks, visiting old Varangian settlement and quay; trip on a Viking boat, drakkar

Expansion of thesis 'Belarus, a land of castles'

Tour to the stone vezha (tower), interactive participation in construction of the castle, splitting the stones, visiting the weapon smithy and participating in forging of cold weapon elements

Visiting the Hall of Noble Fame, the Royal Assembly

Saber fight, demonstration of leisure and traditions of the nobles

Listening to music pieces performed on a reed-pipe and physharmonica

Visiting the brewery, tasting home-made 'Starka' (adults only)

Visiting the mansion and museum of Lenskie family. Getting to know history and everyday life of the nobles of XVIII-XIX century. Visiting the unique rotunda chapel

Interactive tour allows everyone to be a participant, not only a listener.

After the tour, you can have rest in a heated summerhouse with an all-round view where you and your guests can enjoy yourselves or have a dinner from our restaurant, Vyasely Pan, with unique Belarusian national dishes. Price of a dinner is $ 5.


Duration – 2-2.5 hours

Price of the tour – $ 8.5/1 person

Information and booking: +375 (29) 613-77-01.

Tour manager: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.