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Welcome on board of Robinson R-44! Do you want to know what it feels like to fly on a helicopter? The easiest way to find out is to try it yourself. You can do it together with an instructor or with your friends. A helicopter tour on Robinson R-44 is a peaceful 'walk' in the clouds, during which you can enjoy picturesque Belarusian views and a unique experience.

If you dream of visiting a deserted island, just let us know! A helicopter doesn’t need a special landing ground, so you can get off it where you want! A pilot can wait for you, or return for you later. You can choose a place you want to visit or just have an air tour. We’ll fly you along the way of your choice.

Get ready to enjoy watching the earth from the sky!

A helicopter takes up to three people.


-          Trip to the destination and back

-          Connected trips

-          Programs for office parties and weddings

-          Sightseeing tours

Aviation Pricelist

No. Types of tours Flying time Price (VAT included) VAT
1. Sightseeing tour and certain aviation services 7 min. $ 57.5 $ 9.58
2. Sightseeing tour and certain aviation services 15 min. $ 112.5 $ 18.75
3. Sightseeing tour and certain aviation services 30 min. $ 225 $ 37.5
4. Sightseeing tour and certain aviation services 1 h.  $ 450 $ 75
5. Introductory trip. Workshop by a piloting instructor  30 min. $ 250 $ 41.665
6. Primary flying training 1 h.  $ 450 $ 75
7. Sightseeing tour/trip to public events 6 min. adults
$ 20
$ 15

$ 3.33

$ 2.5

*For individuals – a 10% discount applicable to flights of over 3 hours.

**The right to perform commercial air transportation was granted by the Aviation Department of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus.